Milton’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza Review

Milton’s roasted veggie pizza came from the most unexpected corner to be one of the best tasting premade gluten-free pizzas made on a cauliflower crust.

When we picked up Milton’s veggie pizza from Costco, we expected it to be another average-tasting frozen veggie pizza made for the gluten-free market. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the flavor and quality of this pizza.

It was a well-balanced pizza and didn’t require much compromise on texture or healthfulness to merely be gluten-free.

But, of course, like any other frozen store-bought pizza, it had a couple of drawbacks that kept it from being the perfect meal.

The good news is that you don’t need to look for these drawbacks yourself.

This complete review post will tell you all about these drawbacks, what made this pizza unexpectedly good, and what could have made it even better.

So, read on to find out if Milton’s roasted veggie pizza is the right choice for your next pizza night.


Milton’s roasted veggie pizza was a surprise simply because we didn’t think a frozen pizza from Costco would be healthier and tastier than most frozen pizzas sold in stores known for better quality, like Whole Foods, Gelson’s, or Sprouts Markets.

The pizza was flavorful as each topping’s taste came through without being overwhelming.

The crust was also chewy and held up well to the toppings, which is not always the case with cauliflower crusts.

Maybe it could have had less sodium and used more eggs as a texturizing ingredient versus powdered cellulose (a limited-risk food additive), but again, the qualities compensated for these minor drawbacks.

All in all, Milton’s roasted veggie pizza is definitely one of the better cauliflower crust pizzas we’ve had, and it’s a great option if you’re looking for a healthier pizza without sacrificing taste.

Now, let’s go over the good, the not-so-good, and any in-betweens we noticed about this pizza.

The Good

-Simply put, Milton’s roasted veggie pizza is tasty. The veggies are roasted well and have a great flavor that doesn’t get lost under the cheese or sauce.

-The sauce is also flavorful and complements the veggies without tasting too sweet or artificial. It tastes just like pizzeria sauce.

-The combination of cheeses used (Mozzarella, Pecorino Romano, and Parmesan) was also a nice touch as it added depth of flavor without being overwhelming.

-Milton’s cauliflower crust tastes just like a regular wheat crust and has a chewy texture, and that’s not always the case with cauliflower crust pizzas.

The NOT-So-Good

-The only issue with Milton’s roasted veggie pizza is its sodium content which is on the higher side. One slice is packed with 570mg of sodium. Not terrible, but it is on the higher end.


-Milton’s website has a where-to-buy feature that directs buyers to the nearest market selling Milton’s products. However, we’ve only seen Milton’s pizza regularly in stock at Costcos and not other listed markets.

So, be sure your local market has Milton’s pizzas in stock before making a trip just for the pizza.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Milton’s pizzas come in a pack of two. The packaging is in a typical form, with each pizza sitting on cardboard and overwrapped in plastic.

The roasted vegetable pizza was topped with plenty of well-roasted veggies and cheese, and they looked fresh.

Milton's Roasted Vegetables Cauliflower Crust Pizza Unpackaged

The crust looked and smelled like a regular wheat crust and there was no smell of cauliflower.

Nothing else stood out to be different about the pizza at first glance.

Milton’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza’s Taste, Texture, and More


All of Milton’s pizza toppings contributed to the pizza’s flavor. Nothing was either too bland or too overwhelming.

With every bite, the tastes of roasted vegetables, cheese, and sauce were all detectable and in harmony with each other.

The cheese combination had the perfect mix of sweet and saltiness, and the sauce tasted like real tomato sauce.

So, taste-wise, it didn’t have much missing.


Most of the texture of any pizza is in the crust, and Milton’s cauliflower crust did not disappoint.

It had a chewy and crispy texture, similar to a wheat crust, and it held up well under the toppings.

The veggies were also roasted well and had a nice crunch without being burnt.

So, no complaints on the texture, either. 


There was no cauliflower smell, which can sometimes be the case with cauliflower crust pizzas.

It just smelled like a regular cheese pizza.


Milton’s pizzas are about 12 inches, and they do not change size or volume after baking.

Realistic-Tasting Score (Scale of 1 to 10)

Milton's Roasted Vegetable Pizza Rating 8

At this point, it’s clear that Milton’s roasted veggie pizza is a good cauliflower crust pizza. But how does it compare to regular pizzas?

Of course, pizzas made in restaurants will have fresher toppings and texture, and very rarely, a frozen pizza will taste exactly like a restaurant pizza. But some store-bought pizzas get pretty close. Milton’s veggie pizza is one of those close comparisons.

In terms of frozen pizzas that you can bake at home, Milton’s is one of the most realistic-tasting ones we’ve had. Both the toppings’ strong flavors and the crust’s crispy texture made this pizza taste like it could have come from a pizzeria.

So, it’s safe to say that Milton’s roasted veggie pizza deserves an 8 out of 10 on the realistic-tasting scale.

Our Baking Tips for Milton’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza

Milton’s cooking instruction recommends 12-15 minutes of bake time at 425 F in a conventional oven.

We took our pizza out around the 15th minute and it was evenly cooked. Not burnt, but also not undercooked.

Milton's Roasted Vegetables Cauliflower Crust Pizza Cooked

The crust was crispy and the cheese was bubbly and golden brown. So, we suggest following Milton’s cooking directions to a T.

If you want an extra crispy crust, place the pizza on the top wire rack in your oven rather than the middle rack. This way, the pizza will be closer to the heat source and the crust will get crispier.

Either way, monitor the pizza past its 12th minute of baking time. Ovens are slightly different in terms of heat, and you don’t want to overcook or undercook the pizza.

But, ours cooked very evenly at the recommended 15 minutes.

Where to Buy Milton’s Roasted Veggie Pizza

As briefly mentioned above, Milton’s Craft Bakers website has a where-to-buy feature that lets you input your zip code to find the stores near you that sell Milton’s products.

Make sure to select the right line of products when entering your zip code. Also, be sure to read the results carefully because not all five Milton’s pizzas will always be available at all locations. The results should tell you which pizza combination is available at the listed locations.

But, at the end of the day, the product availability list may not reflect the actual availability in stores. So, your best bet is to call ahead to the store before making the trip.

In the End

Milton’s roasted veggie pizza is definitely worth trying if you’re in the market for a good frozen cauliflower crust pizza.

It is tasty, healthy, certified gluten-free, and closely comparable to pizza chains’ pizzas.

So, overall, we say it’s a success and would recommend giving it a try! Just be sure to grab a couple when you see them because they tend to sell out fast.