Outer Aisle Cauliflower Pizza Crust Review

Outer Aisle cauliflower pizza crust does not have much competition on being a good fit for carb-conscious diets or dieters with low-calorie intake goals.

It’s also in the top tier of gluten-free food products when it comes to being junk-free and healthy. It meets all the qualifications for a guilt-free meal that you can enjoy time and again.

Perfectly sized as a personal pizza crust, at 71 grams, the crust has only 120 calories, 3 grams of net carbs, with its protein at 10 grams. These numbers beat most other leading brands of cauliflower pizza crust by a landslide.

But, its goodness doesn’t reach too far beyond the nutritional content and health benefits. Outer Aisle falls a bit short in some areas that are important to pizza lovers when pitted against the competition.

That said, in this review, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about Outer Aisle cauliflower pizza crust so that you can determine whether or not it’s the right fit for your next pizza night.

Let’s start with the BOTTOM LINE!


If you’re a highly motivated dieter looking for a cauliflower crust that is light on calories and carbs that will not set you back nutritionally, Outer Aisle’s is the way to go.

Outer Aisle is one of the healthiest and most guilt-free options in the gluten-free world of pizza crusts.

But, it doesn’t have the best flavor or texture and may not satisfy hardcore pizza fans. It’s too airy and chewy. And, the cauliflower taste is a bit too noticeable for some people’s liking.

The cooking instruction listed for conventional ovens doesn’t help the cause either, as 8-10 minutes of baking won’t do the trick in crisping up the crust.

However, it is possible to make this crust more crispy and taste better. You just have to do a few things differently when baking it. Skip the trial and error in your baking by checking out our Outer Aisle’s baking tips here.

Overall, dieters of all types will appreciate how this crust fits into their macros and meal plans without requiring any extra work or thought. It truly serves as a one-stop-shop for all your gluten-free and low-carb pizza crust or even sandwich wrap needs.

And that’s our bottom line on Outer Aisle cauliflower pizza crust. Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details.


  • Lowest Carb Count (3 Net)
  • Low Calorie Crust
  • High Protein (10 Grams)
  • Very Healthy
  • Gluten Free
  • Grain Free
  • Best Crust for Keto Diet


  • Strong Cauliflower Taste & Smell
  • Light and Airy Texture
  • Small Crust (Only 7 Inches)

Unboxing and First Impressions

Outer Aisle Cauliflower Pizza Crusts Front and Back

Outer Aisle is a pack of two 7-inch crusts in plastic packaging. Fresh out of the package, the crusts have some icy spots and are damp (this is normal).

The crusts are pliable yet firm and have a fluffy texture. They are brown-yellowish in color, and you can see sprinkles of seasoning throughout.

As for the smell, there’s a cauliflower scent that hits you almost immediately after unpackaging.

Outer Aisle Cauliflower Pizza Crust: Taste, Texture, and More


The cauliflower taste is pretty strong in this crust. There may be some eggy taste to it as well. The crust contains garlic and dried basil, which gives the crust a bit of flavor, but they don’t do much to mask the cauliflower taste.

The toppings will add more flavor to the crust, but if you’re looking for a pizza crust that doesn’t have a cauliflower taste AT ALL, this isn’t it.

The feta cheese pizza recipe we’re recommending for this crust is the best match of ingredients that make this crust very tasty. Give the recipe a try; it will put this crust to good use!


The texture is one of the main complaints about Outer Aisle. It’s very airy and chewy, which is a bit of a turn-off for some people. The crust doesn’t have a lot of structure, so it’s difficult to pick up a slice without it crumbling.

If you’re looking for a pizza crust that is crispy and has some crunch, Outer Aisle isn’t the best option. You can make it more crispy by pre-baking and broiling the crust towards the end. You can find out how we made it more crispy in our baking tips article.


With Outer Aisle’s crust, there is no escape from its cauliflower smell. The cauliflower and egg smell is pretty potent right after opening the package.

However, the smell dissipates a bit when the crust is cooked.


Outer Aisle’s crusts are 7 inches in size and are pretty thin. They don’t change size or volume after fully baked.

Ease of Preparation

Considering that Outer Aisle’s crust is smaller than the average cauliflower crust, and it takes more work to bake it than described in its cooking instructions, the crust should not get more than a “C-” grade on ease of preparation.

If you follow the cooking instruction listed for conventional ovens, 8-10 minutes of baking will only give you a damp, crumbly, and flaky crust.

The crust requires some pre-baking and broiling and its full baking time. Here is what we had to do to thoroughly bake it.

But, all in all, the preparation is definitely worth it if you want a healthy pizza crust that is low-carb and gluten-free.

Where to Buy Outer Aisle Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Usually, Outer Aisle’s crust is sold at Whole Foods and Gelsons markets. You may find the crust at other supermarkets as well. 

To get updated product availability, you can use Outer Aisle’s store locator feature on their website, insert your zip code and get a list of supermarkets local to you.

Either way, the crust is priced at $6.99, no matter where you buy it from.

Realistic-Tasting Score (Scale of 1 to 10)

How close is Outer Aisle crust’s taste to “real” pizza crust? Well, let’s just say your kids won’t be fooled.  

If you don’t mind the cauliflower taste, this crust is for you. But, if you want your crust not to have cauliflower taste at all, look elsewhere.

We give Outer Aisle a 1/10 on the Realistic-Tasting Score.

Final Thoughts

Outer Aisle cauliflower pizza crust is a decent product, but it may not be for everyone. The main complaints are the taste and texture of the crust.

The cauliflower taste is very strong, and the texture is airy and chewy. The crust also doesn’t have a lot of structure, so it’s difficult to pick up a slice without it crumbling.

If you’re looking for a pizza crust that is crispy and has some crunch, Outer Aisle isn’t the best option. However, you can make it more crispy by pre-baking and broiling the crust towards the end.

Overall, Outer Aisle’s cauliflower pizza crust can be a bit of a challenge to work with, but it is definitely worth it if you’re looking for a healthy, low-carb, and gluten-free pizza crust.